Journey Of Homeless Young Women

Homelessness is the state of not having a home, that is being deprived of one of the three quintessential requirements for survival. A homeless person is an individual who lacks a permanent housing notwithstanding whether he or she has a family. Therefore, a homeless person becomes part of a transitional housing system, occupying temporary accommodations which may be public or private in nature.

Most of the women who participate in Urja’s program are adolescents and young adults between the age group of 18-35, undergoing a critical period of transition in their lives. A lot of them have encountered varying degrees of inequality based on their class, caste and communities in the form of deprivation of rights to education, freedom of choice, mobility, nutrition, employment.

The team at Urja insists on the need to work with young women specifically because there are homes and institutions for minors but there is prominent dearth in any facilities for adolescent young women.

Urja’s clients are:

 i.  Homeless young women: Women above age 18 who were caused to leave their homes.

 ii. Children accompanying their young mothers: Some of the homeless young women Urja works with have children with them. Urja provides its services to children of participants or may refer them to appropriate organisations keeping their best interest in mind.

 iii. Girls below age 18: With homeless women who are minors without safe homes, Urja refers them to appropriate institutions.