About Urja

Urja is a catalytic organisation for young homeless women, supporting their fundamental needs and focusing on a life full of dignity when all other avenues are closed. Since our inception, we have worked with over 354 young women. Most of these women coming from marginalised communities have been sexually, physically or emotionally abused and mustered ample courage to step out of their homes. As they arrive bruised and battered at Urja’s doorstep, it becomes our responsibility to transform them into bright and independent women who can live with their chin up.

The Trust started addressing the gaps in systemic support and the dearth of holistic intervention for homeless young women because our founders believed that there are not enough safe spaces for young women as are there for little children.. The organisation aided and encouraged young women to live a life of dignity, enjoy their rights and develop a sense of identity, self-worth and confidence.

At Urja, signifying ‘energy’, we believe that each young woman has the potential within and our task is to reignite that fire. Chanelising and harnessing that energy can amount to a difficult task as the young homeless women lose their hope in their path ridden with violence, abuse and discrimination. However, it is our staunch belief that immediate shelter and gradual comprehensive rehabilitation will bring them back to life: a life filled with dignity! The aim is to encourage young homeless or vulnerably housed women to be the change and lead this group to create the social metamorphosis.

Equality, dignity and justice are hardwired into our principles and we strive each day to create a compassionate society because we believe in the truth of the saying:

‘Unity is meaningless without the accompaniment of women. Education is fruitless without educated women, and agitation is incomplete without the strength of women” ’
-Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar